I could never get answers I was sure of - Doug

Despite having a comfortable and fairly happy life I was disillusioned that life didn’t seem to have much purpose. There seemed to be no bigger picture and nobody could offer any sure answers – not even the churches. When I started university I was unsure about almost every decision I had to make. When I was invited to attend a Revival Fellowship meeting the assurance and understanding these people had amazed me. I was baptized and received the Holy Spirit with the bible evidence of speaking in tongues. For the first time in my life I had real, tangible proof of God. God granted me understanding and assurance about my future. He blessed my studies and provided for all my needs. Several of my family members have had cancer and I developed some symptoms when I was 19. After praying I was healed without any treatment. There are many other things which the Lord has blessed me with. It's a fantastic life and I can only praise Him.
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